Top Travel Destinations for Christmas 2019

Top Travel Destinations for Christmas 2019


What better time of year to get away than at Christmas?  There's never any guarantee that we'll get any snow; however, it makes sense that you'd want to go somewhere different to avoid the drizzle.  Christmas holidays are more popular now than ever before, which means there's never been a better time to start thinking about where you'd like to go in the months ahead.  Here's our guide to top travel destinations for Christmas 2019.



Rome is a truly stunning city which comes alive during the winter.  Celebrate Christmas in the heart of Italy, where you’ll be able to take in festive shows, seasonal cuisine and much more.  All year round, Rome’s intense history is on full display for all to dip in and learn more about.  Why not set aside some Christmas holiday time to take a closer look?  Book into the Eternal City at fabulous hotel resorts such as the Marc Aurelio, the Galileo and the Building.



Germany really is the place to be at Christmas time.  Traditional German markets boast fantastic food, drink and souvenirs, and Berlin is a city which leaps into action as soon as there is snow in the air.  Beyond the Christmas market scene, take your time exploring the local culture and history, as well as sampling some genuine bierhaus experiences on your way through.  Find hotel places at resorts such as the Mark Hotel and the Citadines Kurfurstendamm.



Barcelona is one of Spain’s most vibrant cities, and it’s therefore all the more vibrant during the festive season.  One of the huge benefits of visiting Spain during winter is, of course, you’ll get fantastic weather on your trip!  Barcelona’s mix of traditional shows and modern city sights will appeal to anyone looking for something a little different from their holidays towards New Year.  Take a look at hotel spaces at the Acta Splendid, the H10 Casanova and the boutique hotel at the Midmost Barcelona.



Budapest is a city with becomes truly breath-taking during the winter, and there really isn’t a better time to immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage than during Christmas.  The traditional bar and restaurant scene in the city opens itself up for festive fare, and you will still be able to explore the world heritage highlights of the region without getting too chilly.  Check into hotels such as the Leonardo or the Royal Park Boutique during your stay.


Costa Blanca

Alternatively, why not head to the Mediterranean and spend Christmas in the blazing sunshine?  Why not, indeed.  It’s one of our top travel destinations for Christmas 2019 for a reason.  That reason is, of course, that there really is stacks to do on the Costa Blanca.  Popular resorts with British holidaymakers such as Benidorm will be hosting sunny Christmas parties across the season.  Why not take a look?  Check in at hotels such as Diamante Beach for that perfect winter getaway.

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